Make unlimited use of your notes

Organise, complete and enrich the
notes from your OXFORD notebook
using your smartphone at any time.

Download the new SCRIBZEE by OXFORD application
free of charge

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Scan, save and
file your notes

Scan, save and file your meeting reports, lecture notes and to-do lists in the secure OXFORD cloud storage solution. You can then access them at any time, wherever you are.

With SCRIBZEE, you easily retrieve your notes.
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Organise, re-organise,
edit. You decide.

A handwritten note is more useful if it is completed and reworked. Illustrate it with a photo or add a page from another note or a to-do list.

With SCRIBZEE, your notes become richer as your thoughts and project progress.
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Share your notes
with anyone

Send a report immediately after a meeting to all the participants, help a friend out by sending him or her a lecture note, share an idea or a thought...

With SCRIBZEE, your ideas progress wherever you are.
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  • Welcome to the
    SCRIBZEE blog!

    You’ve just downloaded SCRIBZEE. Thank you!
    This application will enable you to scan your notes and then save them safely and forever more in a the cloud which will improve your organization. From now on, nothing will get lost and all your texts notes can be shared forever!
    SCRIBZEE is an application that uses ...

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  • New OXFORD International
    notebooks: a “tablet” format

    If you are one of those professionals who travel regularly, the notebook is probably your favourite work tool. OXFORD has devised its International range for you, designed to simplify your day-to-day organisation. It is now being expanded with a new “tablet” format. Thanks to this, your notebooks will follow...

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